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Understanding - A Component of Wisdom

By: jwilder

Understanding comes from asking why. Asking why illuminates the consequences of a particular object, rule, activity, or process. We begin with learning rules, then grow in understanding to see the reason for the rule.

Our understanding of anything can grow, deepen, and even change. Initially we might have a shallow understanding. A shallow understanding is enough to be useful to us. For example, we are taught not to steal. We might have a shallow understanding that it is wrong and we can be punished. A deeper understanding would be the pain stealing inflicts on others, the suffering of a guilty conscience, and the shame being revealed as a thief.

As we gain a deeper understanding, we see more consequences (good and bad). A deeper understanding helps us become more valuable. If you understand something deeply you can troubleshoot issues better and improve processes or outcomes, you are more flexible when things change.

I have seen far too much bad advice. Like parrots, many people just repeat what they hear. These "parrots" seem cool and colorful, and are all over the internet. They are not trying to deceive, they just don't think deeply. Their skill is to collect things that seem valuable, and pass them to others. Beware!

The deeper we understand the things that matter, the more valuable we become.

To your success!

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