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The Mind of Success Imagines Possibilities

By: jwilder

When we were kids it was easy to see things that weren't really there. We used our imagination liberally. We could imagine most anything we wanted to. As we grew up we found that the things we imagined were usually of little value in the real world. This didn't have to be the case. Perhaps we were not taught how to use our imagination to solve real problems and create tangible things.

It's not too late to reclaim our imagination. In fact, it's imperative. Without the ability to imagine it would be almost impossible to thrive.

The mind of success can see the future. It might not be crystal clear, but we have to start somewhere. The key thing is to imagine something that is an improvement over what exists today. Then start filling in the details. We can experiment, create prototypes, and validate big and small ideas.

Visualization is a key ability that we can develop and improve. The clearer we can make our vision the easier it is to build. Imagine the possibilities. Visualize a better future, better products, better processes. Solve problems that help others obtain what they want.


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James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.


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