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The Heart Can Rule the Mind

By: jwilder

As human beings we can have beliefs that are not provable with reason or evidence. For example, a personal calling, or belief in God.

There is something within us that doesn't need proof, it just believes. You can usually find this type of belief in most success stories.

If we recognize this, we can stop the arguments and use this to our advantage

Our Mind Can Work Against Us

Our mind is great at storing and analyzing information. We come to conclusions and make decisions based on our analysis of the facts.

Furthermore, if we obtain new, more accurate information, we can change our mind about something we once believed.

We might reason that a certain thing is impossible if there are too many variables, or there is not enough information. Therefore, we will not commit to a certain direction because of the unknown. It's just too risky.

When it comes to personal desires and dreams, the mind can work against us. The mind likes solid data. Something that is provable. However, many things in life require moving forward without adequate information.

This is where a deep inner belief can help.

Inner Belief, The Shield of Dreams

Inner belief works differently. We don't need proof in order to believe.

This is the key distinction between inner belief and the logical rational mind.

For example, I have a long held belief that I have a greater calling on my life than what I experience. There is no visible evidence for this calling. It is just something I feel. It is an internal voice.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don't know how to move forward just on inner belief. I have been deeply discouraged time after time, yet I keep going. Why? It is just something in my heart that I must pursue.

Inner Belief Can Overrule the Mind

If we humans were meant to fly, we'd have wings, says the rational mind. Only birds can fly! Can we be like birds? Foolishness! You're wasting your time. The dreamer says, "I believe it is possible!"

We sometimes use the word "heart" when talking about "inner belief." We say we believe with all our heart.

Some beliefs belong to the heart. When you believe something in your heart, you can overrule the objections that come from your rational mind. You can end the analysis paralysis. The internal debates. You can command your mind to shut up help me solve this problem. You can tell the mind to keep looking for another opportunity.

Your heart can command your mind to do its will.

Become Unstoppable

Most people stop themselves. They listen to the nonbelievers, the disgruntled, the loudmouths. This noise gets lodged in our brains and we begin to believe the noise and disbelieve ourselves.

This is the key. If your belief is in your heart, no one can steal it. You don't have to justify or defend it. Your heart does not need to prove anything.

This is good news. If you believe in something from your heart, you will pursue it. And when anything or anyone tries to discourage you, it won't matter.

This is the freedom, joy, and peace of the believer.

We will have setbacks. We will probably say, "This is too hard." But belief keeps moving forward.

If you believe in your heart, then:

No one can shame you into giving up.
Difficult circumstances cannot stop you.
You don't need anyone's approval.
You can move forward without a clear plan.

How do I know if I believe?

It took me years to learn this on my own. I wish someone would have told me. But at least I figured it out.

If you feel like you should be living at a higher level.
If you feel that there is more to life than what you currently experience.
If you feel like you have a calling, but don't know what to do.
If you just feel dissatisfied with your life.

Then congratulations, you have belief in your heart.

Only a heart that believes can empower your will to push through obstacles.

Only a heart that believes can tame your mind so you can fulfill your destiny.

With the heart, you can move mountains.

And there will be plenty of them to move.

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James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.


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