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Create Killer (Good) Habits

By: jwilder

I have a bad habit. It gets me in trouble from time to time. My friends say it will be my downfall.

Now consider the opposite. "I have a good habit. It gets me success from time to time. My friends say I am on my way to greatness!"

Just as bad habits can lead to your downfall, good habits can lead to your success.

If a habit can bring you success, it's smart to make friends with this superpower.

What Is A Habit?

Habit "An action performed on a regular basis." -Wiktionary

If you want to master something you will have to practice it on a daily basis.

But that’s what everyone knows. Now learn about what few know.

Just Start

If you just start, you have accomplished the hardest part.

If I start practicing (the hard part), then it is easy to continue the practice.

If you don’t feel like practicing or if you are tempted to do anything else, then do this: Start, but only do a minute worth of work.If you still feel like doing something else, do it. You accomplished the hardest part. Even if you didn’t accomplish much, you kept the momentum going by starting.

Momentum. That is the most important thing.

Make It Easy To Start

Whatever your skill you are trying to improve, make it easy to start.

If you are trying to write, or program, or concentrate, then create a workspace that is free from clutter and quiet. Tell your loved ones to not interrupt you during this time because it is really important to you.

When you finish, make sure your workspace is set up for the next day. Make sure that everything is in its place before you start.

Eliminate Distraction

Everyone has to deal with distraction. Remove distraction completely. Value and protect your time as if it were gold (because it is). Few are diligent about this. Be good at eliminating distraction and it will be a superpower.

Effort hours are not created equal. Make your time count. One hour spent in total focus is superior to one hour spent giving in to distracting temptations.

Create a Ritual

A ritual associated with a specific state of mind is extremely powerful. Simply repeating a ritual can help induce the desired state of mind.

Take repeating a biblical quote. Not only do you remember the truth in the quote, it can also help change your mood, for example, from anxiety to peace.

Some couples have a favorite song. Whenever they hear that favorite song they reminisce and think about all the good feelings they have associated with that song.

In the same way if you create a ritual you'll bring your body your mind Will bring back to feelings associated with that ritual.

Remember a weekly TV show that you enjoy. Remember during the theme song? They prepared you for watching the show. When you hear this song it reminds you why you enjoy watching a TV show.

When I work out I listen to music. It's about the only time I listen to music. I realized that to make this habit even more powerful I can select one song to play for I start working out. Play the same song at the beginning of your workout for every workout. This will be your theme song for the workout. It will bring feelings of strength before you even start lifting weights. It will make your habit so powerful that it will be extremely difficult to not do it.

Maybe you should come up with a theme song for every activity in your life. Wouldn't this be cool? Play a song, the same song, every time you're about to put supper on the table.

Create a Powerful Why

A powerful why will help you through difficult times.

I have a document that defines my health goals. I have a list of the most powerful reasons to pursue health.

I also list the consequences if I don’t pursue health.

Honestly, I had a hard time keeping to the practice of healthy living until I started experiencing some of the negative consequences. They became real. That reality got me back on track.

Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is where you vary the cover a different aspect.

For writing, I practice writing a minimum of two hours a day.

The daily initiation of a regular practice is the hardest part. But it is also the most important part.

This is so powerful, and few people know it.


In the long run people will succeed or fail because of their good or bad habits.

Good Habits are like finding a cheat code for the game of life.

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James Wilder

I write about success principles and practices that help dreamers take action and achieve their goals! I believe that success is for anyone that truly desires it.


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