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The Advantages of eBooks

By: jwilder

Non fiction authors learn, research, practice, and write books. A book is a snapshot of the author's understanding at the time the book was released. However, the author continues to grow and gain knowledge, experience and wisdom. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the book you purchased in 2000 would miraculously be updated by the author with new information and clarifications based on feedback? Well, that is the nature of e-books. But what authors take advantage of this?

The value of e-books is that they can be continuously updated, easily accessed, and continuously refined.

That’s my goal. Books on Success are living books, continuously improved and updated each year.

P.S. I love paper books! Why not be able to print a quality paperback copy of an e-book, on demand. Why not, have the option to include highlights and side notes that were added via an e-reader. Furthermore, why not also publish on demand a companion booklet containing myu highlights and notes with page references? And why not be able to highlight text and add to my personal knowledgebase? The book business is still so archaic. We need knowledge businesses.

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James Wilder

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