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By: jwilder

Why don't we have our own fashion designers, architects, and artists? These services are unattainable for most people. Why? Maybe it's due to scarcity thinking. We store all of our value in money. We have lost the skills for bartering. We don't create abundantly.

I'm not a fashion person at all. However, sometimes I think it would be cool to consult with a fashion designer. Someone who knows me a little bit and knows what I would look good in and what would make me feel good. Why can't we all have fashion designers?

I love mid-century-modern design principles for homes. Yet it is nearly impossible to find a home or to acquire the services of an architect to design and build a home. I'm not talking about a mansion. It's just a few simple principles of mid-century-modern design. Yet this is out of the reach of most people.

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to an artist that knows your style? Who doesn't look at a wall and think it would be cool to have this style of painting here. I'm not looking for a Rembrandt or Banksy. Just something with the right colors and a pleasing scene. And maybe a little pride that it was painted by a local artist. An artist/consultant would be a nice service.

It seems very odd that there is a scarcity of certain services pertaining to quality of life. Yes, it's partially due to our economy and culture. We are completely preoccupied with money but value takes many forms.

I don't have an answer for these high quality problems. It takes a whole culture thinking about possibilities to make this type of renaissance happen. It is possible.

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