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Abundance is Not One Way

By: jwilder

Abundance starts with belief. We must believe that there is plenty for all of us. There is no need for jealousy, competition, or hoarding. However, just having a belief in abundance is insufficient. Belief is powerless without action. Things will not come to us in abundance just because we believe they will. Certainly we will receive a few things but we can’t describe it as abundance.

Abundance works when we create abundantly. What we create must have value to others. If we immerse ourselves in creating value we will soon acquire all the skills necessary to become proficient and masterful. When we acquire the skills we will be able to create abundantly. This produces a system where we will always have something of value to give.

When we create abundantly then we have value that we can give to others. We can therefore give abundantly out of the overflow that we have created. This abundant giving outward creates good will among those around us. This in turn sets up the power of abundance.

There is one more key that makes abundance work. That key is an attitude of service and truly caring about the people we serve.

The abundance mindset is a belief that there is plenty for all. This belief rejects the temptation to compete with others, to compare ourselves to others, or be envious of others.

If we want to receive abundance, then we have to be a source of abundance to others. We must create value in such a way that we have an overflow. From the overflow we have plenty to give. Then, we can use our overflow to be of service to others.

I believe that all these ideas work together to bring the experience of abundance to our lives.

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